Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Those shoes...

So Caroline loves this pair of Grace's old shoes. They were really cute years ago when I bought them but they are looking rough these days. Yesterday she put them on and I asked her to change because those had seen better days. Her response was, "mommy, these shoes remind me of God's love for me". Hmmm, I had to ask, "how is that, Caroline". She very confidently explained. "well when I see the rainbow on them, it reminds me He will never flood the earth again." Soooooo, she wore the shoes! Who can argue with that reason?

A new start...

I am up for trying to blog again! I really just want to have a way to jot down all the happenings in our lives. There are some that are heart breaking and some that are full of joy. This is the place I will share so that one day we can look back and have a glimpse of how God has used this world to prepare us for our forever home with Him.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is this a nightmare?

So I think I am living a total nightmare. I keep thinking I will wake up and this is just a horrible dream. I think my heart is where my head is - just not sure what is happening. The Monday night after Christmas we got a call that my brother was life flighted after being in a car accident while on duty. He never regained conciousness and died 8 days later. He was 39 and a great guy. I loved him and he loved me - our family loved him and he loved us. It is just so bizarre to imagine he is gone and will be gone for the rest of my life. I am suddenly an only child that has to watch my parents in total and complete despair. Their hearts are broken and they will never be the same. John's kids have lost an earthly father, Melissa has lost her husband, my kids lost their fun uncle and I lost my brother that I shared my whole life with. It is hard to process and I am not sure I want too. My gepaw died just 2 weeks before the accident and we were all very sad but he lived 92 years. He watched his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grow. My brother will not even see his oldest child graduate high school. It is a different kind of hurt when someone so young leaves so unexpectedly. It is stunning. It is chilling and it is gut wrenching.

I am not sure what I am suppose to do but I will trust the Lord to lead me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jesus in mine...

I hear from upstairs,
Judd -"Hi, Jesus"
Caroline - "Can you play with me"
Judd- "Come to my house, Jesus"
Caroline- mumbling.......Judd- mumbling
Judd- "give him to me"
Caroline- "Jesus is mine!"
Judd- "No, Caroline, he is mine"
C- "Mine"
J- "Mine"
C- "Mine"
J - "Mommy, Caroline is being selfish and not acting God's way"

A "Jesus" figure found its way in with the doll house people. Not sure where he came from. Glad they welcomed him but we may need to revisit the Jesus is for everyone lesson!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I think helping with homework is way harder than doing homework. I am sorry mom for all the times I made my 5 minute homework take 2 hours- will Grace ever utter those words???

Monday, January 25, 2010

Waiting on a bug...

We noticed a stink bug on the window outside Grace's room - great fun for pre-schoolers! The bug crawled a little too high for us to see him so Judd had to think of a way to get him back down for "observation". Taping the window and calling him didn't work, it actually is probably the reason he ran away- he moved on to lure him with friends. He had Caroline go gather all his bugs. They then lined them on the window seel thinking the outside bug would want to come play with other bugs. They waited and waited and waited... so long that I think they forgot why the even started playing bugs to begin with that morning!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting back...

This entry is just so I can check it off my to do list! I so want to blog for so many reasons but I can't seem to get myself started - it is as if I can't find "THE" thing to start with. Not sure why I think it has to be something big but this is my attempt to take the first step. There is just so much that goes on here that I know I will treasure any sort of journal/blog I keep in the years to come. This will be my reminder that although we aren't always productive (so it seems to me) we are learning new things everyday and it is the cumulation of daily living that makes life rich!