Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Fall Yall...

I certainly doesn't feel like fall outside but the fall schedule has begun. Today was the first day of school and so bedtimes are earlier as are wake up times. We celebrated the start of school with our annual trip to Waffle House on the eve of the first day. Grace is in first grade this year. After only her first day told me her teacher this year is the best one she has ever had - that is saying a lot because she has had some great ones in the past! Judd tried all weekend to convince us he was 5 and he too needed to go to school. I hope he is that excited when he really is old enough to go. Caroline, well, she is happy with whatever. Enjoy the pics but I wouldn't recommend Waffle House - next time I am taking my own utensils! It's not the cleanest place.

Check out the picture of our backyard blooms. I love them. They are beautiful and really require nothing from us other than a few cuts every few months!