Saturday, March 21, 2009

Broken Promises - March Fourth!

My little man broke his promise! He promised me he would be three forever but he turned 4 on March 4th. He has the coolest birthday, 03-04-05 and it is the only day that is a command - March Forth! On his actual day we took him to ride the train in Herman Park and to see the dinosaurs at the science museum as he calls it the zooeum. We had a fun family day. He got the coolest dinosaur egg. It is just an egg you put in water and over a few days it breaks out of its shell and hatches into a t-rex. It was way cool even for the grown ups around here.
To celebrate with friends and family we had pizza and cake after church. His birthday dreams came true when his Grandonna delivered him a blue dinosaur cake! He has been dreaming of that for months. He did miss having pizza with his friends at his party because he felt it necessary to sit at the cake table and protect his dinosaur cake! Silly kid! Here are a few pics of the boy that melts my butter! He has promised to stay 4 forever for me now but I think that promise will expire in another 12 months. Is there a support group for mommy's of little boys that just keep growing?

We have been busy around here so I will start to update more often!