Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caroline joins the choir...

I am sure there is a law against driving a car and using a video camera at the same time but I had to turn on the camera and capture this... I hope it makes you smile. Be sure to turn up your sound!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Surprise ...

I came home Friday night from getting my highlights (the secret is out, this is not my natural color) and there was a party at my house! It was a surprise birthday party for me and I was clueless! I had no idea at all. Some of the girls I had talked to that day even and no one even gave a hint. The could have said, "hey dress up tonight" or "clean your house" or anything that would suggest something big was happening. Nothing! Not a peep. It was awesome to spend some time just hanging out with girlfriends and gabbing for hours. My hubby was the party organizer and had my favorite, Pappasitos for us to munch on and some yummy very chocolate cake. BTW.......girls who were here I found all the fajita fixings in the frig. Sorry they didn't make it out for the party. Just think of all the calories you avoided!

The event coordinator, aka my hubby, left for the night and spend the night at my parents with the kids. So sweet for him to do that and he is so calm about all the details. I had made my hair appointment just the night before because I had no idea about the party. He never said a word. He just went along with my last minute planning. He then called the hair place after I made my appointment. Then had them change it to an earlier time so I would make my own party. He patiently waited for me to suggest I make an earlier appointment once he came home early on Friday. When I called they knew the whole story. They said the only time they could see me was 4:20, which was really the appointment Darrell had already made for me. I could have never been so calm and patient. He amazes me!

It was a honor to spend time with such great girls. I know that time is a luxury, especially at this chapter in our lives, and so to have so many gathered together to celebrate with me was such a gift. My birthday isn't until the 10th so today I must live it up... as tomorrow I will offically be in my mid 30's!